How to Break into Your Local Luxury Real Estate Market

Selling luxury real estate presents an exciting opportunity for realtors to specialize their business and increase their earnings. But for many realtors, the luxury marketplace is intimidating — an exclusive club reserved for real estate agents whose wealth and status rival that of their clients.

That’s not the case, though, because actually, any realtor...

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Why you should be blogging, as a realtor

Want to build a bigger client base, establish a healthy online presence for your business AND be known as an expert agent in the industry?

Start blogging! There are hundreds of ways to market your real estate business, but content marketing is a low cost, highly beneficial method that’s easy to setup and simple to maintain.

Defined as a regularly updated web...

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Content Ideas for your Real Estate Channels


Running a real estate channel can be challenging. Whether it’s on a social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook, or on your blog, one question remains: what content do you populate the page with? Curating and creating relevant, high-quality content for your real estate website is an important part of retaining and attracting potential clients. But...

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4 Ways Realtors Can Communicate with Millennial Real Estate Buyers


Millennials. It’s a word on everyone’s tongue and a demographic that many brands are trying to reach. This finicky group of 20-35 year olds is the ideal customer for many reasons; millennials grew up in the digital age, typically have disposable income, and are in their prime years for making some of the biggest purchases of their lives.

For the...

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Four Essential Tips for Becoming a Neighbourhood Real Estate Expert


The goal of any realtor is to become a go-to agent; you want prospective clients to turn to you because you have proven expertise that’s hard to rival. That expertise could be in the areas of condos, retirement residences or first homes. Or it could be in a neighbourhood.

If you want to become the real estate ruler of a certain ‘hood, a plan of attack...

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10 Ways to Generate Leads From a Realtor Website


In 2016, a website is about much more than giving information. A great website can help realtors capture more and better leads, and turn prospects into real clients. But it’s not enough to throw your biography, phone number and a few photos up; it takes creativity to turn online eyeballs into real-life business. 

Here are 10 actionable ways to generate...

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As a REALTOR® there are two questions that are music to your ears. 

“What do you think my home is worth?”
“What are home selling for in my area?”

You know at this point the door has just opened to a potential listing.


Sounds Like They Need A Custom Market Report

A custom market report is something the potential seller craves....

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Better Words = Better Sales. 10 Keywords to Use in Your Real Estate Listings

As the adage goes, you have one chance to make a good first impression.

And where does that first impression start?

Contrary to popular belief, the first impression doesn’t happen the moment a potential buyer walks in the front door. It starts with the listing. As a realtor, don’t...

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Slushy snow, frozen landscaping, dark days – it’s no secret that winter is a tough real estate season for those far from the equator. Sellers rarely want to go on the market during the colder months and buyers more often than not stay away from making purchases until spring. But there are a few tricks to help keep your real estate sales funnels strong ...

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So Many Events! Realtors Should You Bother Going?

The real estate world is a social space with more conferences, meetups, and mixers than you could ever attend.

You’re busy but have the best intentions to attend the next function. You miss board events, decline event invites on Facebook, regret not attending the “big conference”. But are you really...

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