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A professional website can be an amazing marketing tool for any real estate business, but if you don’t know how to maximize that digital space, then you could be missing out on potential business opportunities. Get the most out of your site by following these simple tips and tricks.

1. Keep Your Content Fresh - Outdated listings, old contact information, irrelevant resources, broken links – every single one of these is a major no-no. You’ll never inspire people to visit your site (and keep them coming back for more) if your content isn’t on point, so be sure to stay on top of it every few weeks (or every month, at the very least).

2. Use Testimonials - Got some great reviews from your clients? Well it’s officially time to promote them! It’s common practice for business and portfolio sites to feature testimonials because it’s one of the easiest ways to build trust with potential customers. If you knew nothing about a restaurant, but wanted to make sure that you’d enjoy the food, wouldn’t you look up reviews for that spot before visiting? Apply that process to your real estate website and get a couple of great quotes from those who enjoyed working with you the most.

3. Get a Contact Page - Putting your business email and phone number on the homepage is great, but offering a contact page is even better (especially one that allows visitors to send direct messages right from the page itself). 55% of visitors leave within the first 15 seconds of landing on a site, so if figuring out how to get in touch with you isn’t easy as pie, don’t expect to hear from anyone.

4. Don’t Go Colour Crazy - A chaotic colour design is basically website suicide. It’s important to make sure that visitors can read your information without issue AND that they want to stay on your site instead of clicking away. Achieve both by sticking with a simple colour palette that is easy on the eyes (for example: blacks, whites and other neutral tones). Stay away from anything too harsh or distracting.

5. High Resolution Images Only - Pictures are worth a thousand words, but in real estate they might be worth even more! Show off listings in the best light possible by spending time on formatting your site’s images. Stay away from the super pixelated or teeny tiny thumbnail photos (potential buyers want to SEE your work) – big, clear and colour-corrected pictures are the only ones worth presenting to the public.

6. Create a Resource Page - Including a page that is updated often is a smart idea for two reasons: first, Google loves new content and rewards it with better search rankings, and second, people will always have a reason to keep visiting! A Resource Page can offer up tips for homeowners, fun facts about different neighbourhoods, and even a list of community events. So go ahead and get creative.

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