Some time ago, we have launched a Media Center for our listings that offered a compact and attractive way to showcase your listings: hi-res photos, videos, virtual tours, as well as Google Map, Google Earth and WalkScore. Now we are making it possible to link to this Listing Media Center on its own, without the rest of the details. Why would this be useful? This can...

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A little while ago, we have updated our blogging system to let you blog like a pro; today, we are announcing integration with the DISQUS commenting system. DISQUS created a blog commenting system which includes threaded conversations, user profiles, blog trackback URLs and much more and then turned it into a widget, much like MyRealPage did with its Listings product...

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MyRealPage has added another great looking gallery to its array of Listing Galleries to provide the best possible showcase for your properties. This one is from CoolIris (http://cooliris.com). CoolIris is more than just an image gallery, it embraces an entirely new approach to browsing the web through rich media, such as images and movies. However, the component we...

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If you are wondering what a QR code is (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_Code), don’t worry! QR codes are just a variety of barcodes, the kinds you find on things you buy; except they are especially easy to scan for smart phones. Almost any modern smart phone can have a Barcode Scanner application installed and capable of scanning the codes using the built-in...

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MyRealPage Website Provisioning System (WPS) offers a sophisticated and powerful foundation to build websites, real-estate and others. MyRealPage website system has been built from the ground up with the view to create an industry-independent, extensible, and configurable website platform (its current implementation for Real Estate websites is an adaptation of this...
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sample-qr Have you heard of QR codes?  These little things are basically a variant of barcodes. (Here is a link to a QR wiki age) What is interesting about them is that many smart phones, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre have applications that can scan and decode them by using the built-in phone cameras. Decoded QR codes can be many things, such as URLs, contact...

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A page is the central concept in MyRealPage (MRP) websites. It is the end result of various website wide and page-specific configurations; and it is obviously what the end user of the website will see. Hence, it’s important to understand how a web page is built and what it’s made out of.

A page in MyRealPage websites is modeled to include the following...

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MyRealPage has opened up its platform to allow other blogging software to talk to your blogs which you host with MyRealPage websites. This is a very exciting and powerful feature which may lead you to look at blogging through an entirely different light.

In a hurry? Then watch this video to get a quick taste of what this is:


If you had blogged in the past, you...

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MyRealPage Website is modeled one level higher than a web Page and is comprised of the following elements:

  • Collection of Pages
  • Master Template
  • Site Settings
  • Web-Drive for images, files and resources

In addition, MyRealPage Websites automatically support the following features:

  • Separation of Live and Staging (Editing) areas
  • Publishing of changes to become visible on...
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I know that one should write with a cool head, but I find it very difficult to write about the launch of our next-gen layout support and keep cool about it. This has been a much requested, engineered and anticipated  feature by many (and mostly by me! :)
The idea behind it is simple and it builds on an already existing facility: myRealPage Custom Templates. Our...
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