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Have you ever booked a vacation to a place where you’ve never been before? More than likely you’ve gone online and “googled” the place up and found information, photos and videos about the location, right?

You’ve spent some time viewing the photos but still image photos don’t show the whole picture, pun intended. Then you discover the videos. This is what you end up spending most of your “research time” on.

Listing video tours complete the package

You should have a nice real estate website and nice listing photos. Lots of photos. That is completely a must these days! But in the end, you want your website visitors to be able to have a realistic view of what your listing has to offer. Allow them to virtually walk through the whole place and set their eyes on whatever detail they want to check.

Listing video tours will help you get noticed

Canadians spend more time online than anybody else in the world with an average of 45 hours per month [according to CIRA] and most of that time is watching videos with averaging 300 video views per month per person.

The main benefit of adding a video tour to your real estate listings is that you can gain search engine traction. Videos are indexed by the search engines, so be sure to optimize the video title and description including the address of the listing, MLS® Number and some keyword rich copy in the description. If you’re posting the video on YouTube, Vimeo or any of these video hosting websites, add a link to the listing on your real estate website so that visitors can be directed to the MLS listing’s page inviting them to search again on your website.

Listing video tours can be done on the cheap and still be effective. Or highly produced and costly. If you are promoting a luxury listing then it’s best to spend upfront to market the listing in its best light. Not only does this help you sell this property but showcases your efforts to other luxury home sellers looking for a real estate agent.

If you put yourself in front of the camera give a true tour, you build more trust as it demonstrates that you know the listing inside and out. You can also opt for a new “story mode” of shooting video tours where you showcase the house but in a sense of real world, where people (actors) interact with the property just like they would on their daily lives. This last option would give it a more modern touch.

Do you have a video tour that helped you sell a real estate listing? Or earned you future listings? Show it to us and we’ll feature it in the blog!


Myles Galvin on Aug 27, 2015 10:26 AM
Great post! We've had success with videos being a catalyst to sales and through that, have helped win subsequent listings!

- Darcy McClary: (myRealPage customer) https://www.facebook.com/deepcovedarcy/videos/896943877043806/?permPage=1

- Avison Young: (Animations highlighting community amenities) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGTWWbM1boI

More: www.smartcitymedia.co

Thanks for taking a look!

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