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As a real estate agent using online tools to market your business, no doubt your website is the hub for all your information. Social media is a valuable extension of that hub, great for connecting and engaging with your audience – whether that be current clients or prospective ones.

Twitter in particular is a helpful tool for realtors to use to grow their business. It’s an open platform so you can engage with literally anyone (for example: other agents, influencers, celebrities, etc). It’s also super easy to use and monitor from your smartphone while on the go. Twitter supports links, images, GIFs, and videos which all add extra spice to your tweets, oftentimes resulting in higher engagement (and more followers). And using hashtags on Twitter (that is, any word or phrase preceded with the pound symbol) allows you to have larger conversations beyond your following, with a greater potential reach. Lastly, Twitter is especially handy for many aspects of business, from marketing to business development, competitor analysis and community building.

If you’re ready to start building or revamping your Twitter content, here are five quick tips on how to craft compelling tweets:

Incorporate hashtags into your sentences in a natural way.

Try not to leave them hanging at the end of your tweet. Here’s an example: ‘#Realestate prices in #Vancouver are surging, but the market is crashing in Toronto.’ This is more ideal than: ‘Home prices in Vancouver are surging while Toronto prices are crashing. #realestate #marketcrash #canada.’

Choose strategic hashtags.

No more than three, but it doesn’t always have to be three. Some ideas of hashtags to use are: the subject matter, the location, or your own personal saying that links to your brand as a realtor (think of it as a catchphrase).

Include images where possible and relevant.

Images are more likely to catch the eye of a Twitter peruser, especially if the photo is well selected (meaning it’s high quality and looks less like stock photography and more like you personally took it). You can also include up to four images in one tweet.

Keep it personal, but not too personal.

It’s great for your followers to get to know you personally (and possibly want to work with you!), but be selective with the type of info you do choose to publicly share. This includes your location and whereabouts. As public figures, realtors should be wary of revealing exact locations... within reason. On one hand, it could make sense to share details about your public open house, but less sense to share every location you’re at throughout your day.

Share your listing information, but...

Follow the social media “golden rule” of 80/20. That is, 80% of your content is about lifestyle, industry news or updates that are of value to your followers, and the other 20% is your promotional content. Another way to think of this is “jab, jab, jab, right hook” (give, give, give, ask).

If you’re wondering how best to run your Twitter feed without being chained to your phone or computer all day, get to know some scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Buffer. They will automatically deploy the content that you’ve pre-loaded into your schedule. Monitoring of your engagement can be done throughout the day using your smartphone or once you’re back at your desk.

Did we miss any tips that you’ve found helpful for your business? Let us know. And find us on Twitter @myRealPage. Be sure to tweet us any questions you might have about the platform, or even just to say hello!


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