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home-edit-mode2 You have asked for it, and now we are very excited to say “HERE IT IS!”: our full support for mobile websites as part of our Content Management System (CMS).

In case you haven’t heard: mobile is a very rapidly growing part of today’s web. It’s the new battlefield for the hearts and minds of the users; and even though it has been the focus of prediction-happy experts for a while; there is no mistake that it’s truly ramping up now.

A little while ago we gave you mobile listing search, QR codes, and iPad support. Today, we are giving you tools to create a robust, branded, unique mobile presence for your real estate practice and offer your clients and leads a wealth of mobile real estate tools.

If you have already used our regular website editor, using it to author your mobile website is going to feel very natural to you. The mobile websites are based on exactly the same principle as our regular websites: pages composed of weblets: little component-like building blocks. But we have gone an extra mile: we made existing weblets behave nicely when they are part of a mobile website and we have created a series of new weblets, specifically for the mobile.

Here are a few features and highlights of our new mobile solution:

  • Fully integrated WISYWIG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) page editor suitable for mobile websites (see the screenshot on the right >>>)
  • Mobile weblets, such as “Mobile Toolbar”, “Mobile Banner”, “Mobile Content Section”, and others specifically designed with a look and feel and simplicity suitable for mobile use
  • Fully integrated Listings views, as well as location-aware Listing Search (IDX) and Predefined Searches (in regions where available); including Featured Listing support and Customizable Quick Search Form
  • Mobile friendly form support, including customizable standard forms and fully custom forms built from scratch 
  • Mobile friendly “Testimonials”, “Awards”, “Reports”, “Snippets”, and other list-based weblets
  • Full support for mobile friendly blog with proper image sizing; as well as auto-sizing and payback for embedded YouTube video
  • Full support of the Virtual Office Website (VOW) for your leads and clients, including the display of their Saved Searches, Favorites and recent Email Alerts
  • Intelligent mobile redirect system to allow you to automatically direct the user to the mobile version of your website, including page-aware redirects. For example, if someone clicks on your specific page link, listing link or a blog post link; and those pages exist on your mobile website; the user will be taken directly to that content, not just your home page
  • Full CSS styling support for those who want to go the extra mile
  • Mobile websites have no set-up fees and are only $30 per month each: ADD ONE NOW AND GET IT FOR FREE FOR 30 DAYS!

We are very excited about this product release. We hope you will be too. Let us know what you think: we are all ears! Leave your comments here or drop us a line to feedback@myrealpage.com


UPDATE: Videos demonstrating how to create and build mobile websites:

Media-PlayerCreate and kick off your first mobile website

Media-PlayerCreate and add content to a brand new page on your mobile website

Media-PlayerSet up mobile redirect rules for your regular website

Media-PlayerEditing mobile websites: “Beyond the Basics”

Below are some images taken from our mobile screens and our authoring environment.

Click on the images to see their non-scaled versions:


home-page contact-info mobile-idx

listing-view mobile-details featured-listing

» View 9 more screenshots


Brand new blank page as seen in your mobile website editor:



Create one or more mobile websites through a very easy 2-step wizard:



Set up mobile rules for your main website with ease:



A “Mobile Banner” weblet example: built with mobile in mind:



Norm Fisher on Aug 7, 2010 3:49 PM
i use your most excellent listings tool on my Wordpress site as opposed to the complete website option that MRP offers. Can I still get in on this mobile site offering?
Bill Skrypnyk on Aug 8, 2010 8:33 AM
Hi Norm, thanks for stopping by!

You can, indeed use our mobile websites. However, because they are designed to inter-operate with the main website, you will still need to get a website subscription with us even if you don't use the main website publicly.

There are 2 caveats when it comes to using our mobile websites while NOT using our main website publicly:

1) mobile redirect rules will not be as smart as they will likely need to be implemented on the 3rd party website in javascript(this may change for WP in the future if we may create this code for WP on server-side);

2) pricing to account for the non-use of the main website

Norm, I will send you an email on Monday regarding the pricing, as I know we are working on sorting it out for situations like yours.

Stephen Foster on Aug 11, 2010 5:04 PM
Hi Bill & the Gang at MRP.

First of all let me start by saying that I am not an employee or family member etc of MRP.

After following the youtube guides online from the tech gang at MRP I managed to get my mobile site up and running in one evening (with a little help from Bill).

If you are a working Sales Rep that is engaged in capturing leads on your website, and you are an active blogger, this mobile addition is an absolute must for you.

With the onslaught of social media sites and the opportunities that lie for the virtually engaged RE salesperson, I am able to keep contacts up to date on what properties I am viewing, neighbourhoods I am blogging all from the mobile app.

My buying clients love the opportunity to view the properties around them as they take their drives through their potential neighbourhoods, and any properties they like get forwarded to me right from their virtual search app!

While this concept is still new to many purchasers of property, I know that iphone and other smart phone users will ultimately be drawn to the ease of use and functionality that this app will bring to their new purchase.

Thanks again for helping me with my business.


Bill Skrypnyk on Aug 11, 2010 5:11 PM
Thanks for your comments, Stephen. Hope the mobile website will prove useful to your business.

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