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Did you know myRealpage now offers a library of real estate office logos and real estate broker logos?

At myRealPage we are always trying to make things easy for you.

Over the years we have accumulated a ton of logos from our clients. 

So instead of making you hunt for your office logo and worrying about it being the correct size, shape & colour etc. you can just use ours!

You can add, change and delete your office or broker logo with a few simple clicks. 

To do so:

Log in your Private Office and choose the Website tab. 

In the left hand sidebar under the title Personal Info. 

Once there select Office Logo. 

You will see an option to "Select company logo from MRP Library".  Click this, find your logo, select and save.

Want a more detailed walkthrough, we have created one for you here:

How Do I select An Office Logo From The Pre Loaded Library?

What if your office logo isn't in our pre existing library? 

Well we have got you covered there as well. Just follow these instructions on how to upload your own logo:

How Do I Upload An Office Logo?

If you think your logo is one that should be in our library, shoot us an email with the logo. 

Even if it is not great quality we can often find a better quality version. We just need an example to get us started.

You can send your email to design@myrealpage.com and we will take it from there.



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