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I would like to introduce an enhancement for myRealPage websites that I am hoping will find approval with graphic designers, web developers and tech-savvy clients who have used myRealPage website platform to build amazing websites. The enhancement in question is an integrated online editor to edit text based files: such as CSS, Javascript, XML, HTML, etc.

Here are a few reasons why this facility should make life so much easier for the pros:

  • myRealPage gives full access to javascript, CSS and any other text-based resources that may be necessary to build a website; all these resources live in the Web-Drive; and now they can be edited right from the Web-Drive (speaking of editing: do you remember that we have integrated a couple of cool image editors: a quick image editor and a full image editor, into the Web-Drive as well!)
  • myRealPage allows you to host HTML files on the Web-Drive which effectively can be used to host static HTML pages, such as forms that can be used with our Javascript API, or in a few cases: full custom mobile websites. Now these HTML files can be edited online, without the download/upload cycle.
  • If you are one of the clients who have a custom built website based on Next-Gen HTML Layouts, you (or your designer) may be pleased to know that you can now use the online text editor to edit your HTML Layout file which was uploaded as part of the ZIP file (see more details on Next-Gen HTML Layouts here). The template is edited as a plain HTML and any changes are reflected in your website right away.




I hope you like this new addition; many of you have asked for it. Let me know how it works out: bill-at-myrealpage.com or leave your comments here.



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