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Don’t you get a bit aggravated when people start talking in acronyms and weird computer jargon that sounds like ‘Klingon’ to you? Ok, I know I geeked out a bit with the ‘Klingon’ there but you get the gist. Sometimes you just don’t want to interrupt and ask what the term means in the middle of a conversation. If that is the case then this list is for you.

We’ve collected a few words that may throw someone off when talking about real estate tech. Hope this can be of help:

301 Redirect

The simplest definition for a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. If you’ve previously used www.olddomain.com and you wanted to change it to www.newdomain.com, you’d implement a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. Whoever types www.olddomain.com will automatically appear at www.newdomain.com.

Alt Text

It is text associated with an image. It is important for all images on your website to have an alt text because this tells the search engines what the image is about, which should be part of your optimization efforts.

Browser Cache

This is pronounced “browser cash”. It is a portion of your hard drive where the browser stores files from recently visited webpages. You sometimes need to clear it to see the most recent version of your website.


When you access a website for the first time, a “cookie” function is stored by the browser in your computer. It is a small file that is used to recognize the user the next time you visit the same website.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used to define how the website will display the HTML elements on your screen. Designers can create different looks for your site by editing the CSS or adding their own CSS to the mix.


A hosting is a service where one computer is configured as an internet server, offering its resources for use in exchange of a rental fee. One or more users can use information, services or the content within this server using another computer called ‘client’.

Parallax Design

You may have stumbled upon super cool scrolling website designs like housesforsaleincalgary.com where the designer creates layers of content. That’s parallax design. This type of layout uses a visual storytelling approach to show the contents of the website creating an new interactive experience.


Outside of real estate, it is an agreement between two people or groups to do something similar for each other. What broker reciprocity does for real estate websites, is that it allows competing brokers to post one another's listings.


It’s the company that registers the domain name for you, like GoDaddy.

Responsive Design

It’s a method of designing websites that automatically adjust to all devices. In other words, responsive design reformats your website for all screen sizes so that the user can interact with the site no matter what device is being used.

RSS feed

Really Simple Sindication is a technology that allows you to receive a constant flow of information from your favourite websites and blogs.


Short for user experience. It encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with a product or service. It involves the person’s emotions, behaviors and attitudes when using such product or service. Main goal is to establish the best elements for the best possible interaction.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are images not made up by a grid of pixels but by a group of paths which are defined by a start and end point. In short, these paths can be used to create drawings which will maintain their resolution if enlarged or compressed.

There you have it! Do you have any other terms that should be added to the list? Share your knowledge using the comments box below!


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