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MyRealPage has made a number of improvements to make sure that all your Listing "Goodies" are easily accessible and are well connected to your website. What are your Listing "Goodies"? They are:

  • Your listings
  • Your saved predefined searches
  • Your saved search forms
The new easy access to these "goodies" is now automatically available:

  • In your website's Site Map (as well as sitemap.xml) as direct URLs, including creating multiple pages if there are too many listings for one page (as suggested by Google Webmaster Guidelines) 
  • When you are insterting a menu item pointing to any of these "goodies" via a URL
  • When you are inserting a link into a formatted HTML and need to link to any of these "goodies"
  • When you simply want to "copy out" the link from your Private Office to include it somewhere other than your website (for example, as a link in your listing information with your Real Estate Board, Google Adwords, third-party blogs, etc.)
  • When you would like to "fine-tune" these URLs (links) by including in them keywords of your choice 
The URLs (links) to these "goodies" are very human-readable; and you are even in control to change what keywords show up in these links. For example, a link to a listing on your website may have the following form:
Whereas a link to a saved search may look like this:
Oh, and yes, this feature is included in your standard package at no extra charge. Enjoy!

Below is a 4 minute video that outlines this new powerful feature:
Listing Goodies
Copy this text to embed this video:
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