Multiple Category support in myRealPage’s Agent Directory

Multiple Category support in myRealPage’s Agent Directory

myRealPage has been offering a set of Real Estate Broker related website products for some time now. One of the most popular ones is the Agent Directory: it allows the broker’s website to display an interactive member roster of their office.

Today, we are adding another important feature to the Agent Directory product: support for multiple categories. Multiple categories will allow a broker to create and assign multiple custom categories or “labels”, if you will, to each agent record, such as “Managing Broker”, “Commercial Agent”, “Residential Agent”, etc. and even assign ordering index to make some records always show up first in the lists. Then, the broker can configure its Agent Directory weblets to show all or only some of these categories on specific web pages.



In case you haven’t heard of Agent Directory before, it is a pretty sophisticated product and has a multitude of features, here are just a few:

  • Create agent records with biography and photos; assign them custom titles and languages, and offices
  • Place an Agent Directory on any page in your website, and let visitors search the directory by name, language, or alphabetic index
  • Create instant websites for your agents via myRealPage’s instant website support based on several pre-built web templates of your choice and liking
  • Automatically connect agent records with their auto-imported MLS® listings
  • Connect several broker accounts into a “mega” Agent Directory
  • Let agents modify their own biographies and photos
  • much, much more


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