MyRealPage supports MLXJet email branding

We have just added support for MLXJet email branding. For those that haven’t heard of MLXJet, this is a company that offers a consistent email branding based on a template which you create with them. This template can then be applied to any email you send from anywhere: Outlook, Webmail, Outlook Express, even MLS Board systems, like mlxchange, Tempo, etc. In addition, MLXJet provides email tracking, “live links” to the realtor’s website, and a cash referral program. 
Branding is very imporant to a real estate professional and consistent branding is a cornerstone of a successful brand. Things are great if you are in control of the emails you send, but what happens when emails are sent on your behalf, as in when a user signs up on your website and they get a confirmation and welcome emails…
And this is what MyRealPage has provided: the ability for our users to have the same consistent branding which they use when manually sending out emails, applied to automated emails that are generated by MyRealPage. Among such emails are:
  • Automatic listing notifications to clients and leads regarding new properties, price changes, etc.
  • Signup confirmation and welcome emails
  • VOW (Virtual Office Website) communication emails, and others
We are excited to continue creating integration facilities for our users to allow them to connect and interact with useful 3rd party systems. This fits nicely into our strategy of making MyRealPage website and listing products “good web citizens”!
Read the full product release on MyRealPage Company Blog:
and on MLXJet website:
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