Realtors, You Need to Do These 4 Things to Build a Healthy Newsletter List

This is Part 2 of a 2-part series on e-newsletter marketing for realtors. Find Part 1 here!

It used to be that a Realtor’s marketing options consisted mostly of direct mailers, fridge magnets and print ads. Thanks to the internet, there’s a better way to get your name out there (and it’s a lot cheaper too!). An email newsletter can be a fantastic tool for real estate agents. It not only helps advertise your business, but also gets you in direct contact with people who have opted in to receive your content – and one day, hopefully, real estate services.

1. Make Sign Up Easy
Your website’s landing page offers prime real estate (pardon the pun) for a newsletter subscription button. If you aren’t taking advantage of that yet, you definitely should! When visitors like what they see on a webpage, they’ll often search for ways to keep in touch with that particular blog or business. An easy-to-find newsletter subscription box can make this easy for them.

Use myRealPage’s website services to set up your subscription button in the upper right corner of your site (a common placement area). Next, choose an email marketing provider that delivers on your specific needs. Lastly, put together a “confirmation” message that auto-sends when users join your list. This is important to maintain the health of your list. And, finding motivation to get started on the content becomes much easier once interest from your visitors is made clear.

2. Give A Little Something First
Everyone wants, wants, wants subscribers. But why should visitors to your site subscribe to your content in the first place? Give your readers a compelling reason. Perhaps upon subscribing, you’ll email them an expert guide on buying in the area. Or, maybe by subscribing, they’ll receive a free home evaluation. Get creative with what you can offer, and with what potential clients really want.

3. Content is King
The first thing that a content strategist will teach you is that people are busy. If you want them to slow down long enough to read your newsletter (and keep that subscription active), then you’ve got to provide quality content each and every time you publish.

To get the creative juices flowing, it’s best to start with a few questions. What’s most valuable to your audience? What can they get from you as a Realtor that they can’t find elsewhere on the web? Rather than regurgitating content from other sources – use your imagination! Great pictures never fail, a section outlining current listings can help on the promotional end of things, guest pieces from industry experts are always useful, and accurate stats inform potential buyers and sellers about the market.

It’s a challenge, but nail the content, and you’ll easily increase your email list numbers.

4. Keep It Consistent
The way content is presented to a reader is just as important as what that content says, so consistency is key. Before hitting send, keep in mind your newsletter’s layout. Something clear and simple usually works best, and using the same template each time makes your letter instantly recognizable.

Tone of voice.
The point of a newsletter is to help build better relationships with site visitors, and the tone of voice used in your writings to them is what does that for you! The best way to think about the writing is to envision all of it as an in-person conversation (see: relatable and friendly engages readers and keeps them coming back for more).

If you can only commit to sending a newsletter once every two weeks or just once a month, that’s okay, but be sure to actually follow through. There’s no bigger no-no than promising something to a reader and then not delivering, so carve out a schedule that works and stick to it!

And as far as when to send that newsletter out, statistically, Tuesday mornings typically receive the highest open rates. However, once you’ve sent out a few newsletters, your email marketing provider (like Mailchimp) will be able to show analytics and suggested times based on the data from your list.

Are there any tips we’ve missed that you’ve found helpful? Let us know!

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