Success Stories

Read testimonials from realtors who have benefited from a myRealPage realtor website. Read more and contact us today.
  • Louisa

    We recently updated Louisa's website using MyRealPage ... We will highly recommend your company due to the professionalism & knowledge provided. Louisa was very grateful for all the helpful pointers you & the support team quickly shared. The truly amazing thing about the development and activation of her new website was the easy and speed at which it happened! - A very sincere, Thank You.

  • Geoffrey GordonScott Real Estate Inc.

    Thanks for creating such a great interface/private office that has allowed me to completely customize my website to my exact desired state while having next to no html knowledge or experience. Also, thank you very much for the constant and extremely thorough stream of website functions and updates. The majority of companies I have dealt with haven’t held a candle to the work, improvements and customer service levels (specifically from Trevor Hogue and Shelley Thomas) at myRealPage!

  • I have to admit, myRealPage 'kick's ass'! I like everything myRealPage has to offer for REALTORS®. Not to mention, only $45 per month!! It's a good thing you came to the Seafair office last week. If not, I would be forever stuck paying Ubertor $80 per month!!

  • Telf

    MRP is the best solution out there, and I will, of course, continue to support you and tell everyone how wonderful your service is. You are, without a doubt, the best service out there for Realtors. Part of it is your feature-set and excellent price point… but the best part of MRP is your responsiveness to my concerns, willingness to add new features that are requested, and that you and your team are obviously invested full-time in the ongoing development and support of MRP. Thank you.

  • Rebecca

    Take it from someone who really knows. Having been on the supplier end of real estate web sites since 1998, four months ago I began my own real estate career. It was a no-brainer that I chose MyRealPage to provide my web services. The power of their offering at the price they offer it is remarkable in itself. Tech support is prompt, courteous and thorough. Customization allows me to evolve the content that benefits my search ranking and brand exposure while the user interface allows my prospects to conveniently search for properties at their leisure. In the first four mouths I have had 892 unique visitors with 1,400 separate visits. The month over month growth is averaging over 50% and it’s accelerating. The website is on track to host over 300 unique visitors in its 4th month. These are 300 prospects that are likely NOT going to my competitors’ sites. I have 7 leads turned into client prospects on the website, 5 more called me directly and I listed my first million dollar property from my website 3 days ago. All this in the first 4 months, what will happen in 4 years? If you ask me about which web site company to choose, MyRealPage is my top choice.

  • Jasmine and Buzz Henczel Prudential Sussex Realty

    I cannot stress enough how happy we are with myRealPage! From the ease of use of the private office to how incredibly helpful (and patient) everyone is at Tech Support. Plus, all of the new stuff myRealPage is coming out with is really keeping me on my toes! Again, great job and please pass on my kudos to all the developers and especially to those in the trenches at Tech Support. If you are ever in need of someone to vouch for how great myRealPage is don't hesitate to contact me!

  • Kerry

    Two recent sales that come to mind that are a direct result of my website. One house for $935,000 & just took conditions off a $475,000 townhouse. That’s enough commission to cover the cost of the website for the next 38 years!

  • Bruce Pollon and Rene

    We have always had a lot of great response from our website, but since we added the Virtual Office Website service the response from our buyers and sellers has been AWESOME! They are amazed at how much more MLS information they can get before others do on other websites, as much as two days advance information. It’s the edge that people have been asking for.

  • Wendy Hunter

    I am really enjoying my new website and a past client who is about to sell again has just referred me to two more clients partly because of this site. They are finding it very useful!

  • Angele L’

    Thank you so much for all your help with my website. I love the final product! It was very important to me that I could personalize it to work with my branding and your product has allowed me to do just that! I‘ve had a lot of great feedback about the design and how it’s so user-friendly and easy to navigate. My site is simple to update and modify, and I’m really impressed with the leads that it has been generating. Most importantly, my clients love it – especially the VOW feature, which gives them access to all the details that they can’t see on MLS.CA. Thanks again for such a valuable tool.

  • Annette

    MyRealPage is a great tool for Real Estate agents with appealing templates to choose from. It is easy to use with the Virtual Private Office interface right on your computer where you can control content and upload photos to enhance your website’s visual appeal. Uploading listings is easy and you can add lots of additional information, photos, floor plans and virtual tours with over 50 potential attributes giving your clients more information which is a great listing presentation feature/benefit. The lead capture system for VOW sign-ups and profiles keeps you on top of your clients contact information, searches and favorites at a click of a button. Your clients will have access to new listings 48 hours before which is a great feature and has been highlighted in the recent Vancouver Sun article. It is a great easy to use integrated website and client management system which is continuing to updated in functionality and content.

  • Kevin

    Designing is a matter of concentration. You go deep into what you want to do. It's about research, really. The concentration is warm and intimate and like the fire inside the earth - intense but not distorted.

  • Dana

    Just wanted to give you a little heads up on my new myRealPage website............. To date I have had over 15000 hits and within the first 3 weeks I had a client email me from my website requesting a market evaluation, I met with him and listed his condo and SOLD in 2 weeks then SOLD him a townhome.......... Bottom line is my website has paid for itself in the first month 10 fold and I am very happy......

  • myRealPage is a great product that no Realtor should be without! Their search tools and custom search functions are something no other platform is able to offer and their fully customizable website allows for you to build the website that you want.Their support has been great and the pricing can't be beat, I would never build on any other platform.

  • Realizing the importance of a mobile phone website, myRealPage had the perfect solution I was looking for. Highly customizable, I launched this easy to navigate website & now am getting positive website traffic which will only grow.

  • Erica Britney FremeauLive Outside The Box Studio

    I am so pleased with myRealPage's support! Please let your team know how fantastic they are!

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