10+ Things to Know about MyRealPage Real Estate Websites and Listings

In case you are researching what provider to choose for your new Real Estate Website, or wondering if you are getting a good value for your money from your current one, you may be interested in the abbreviated “shopping list” of features that you get from MyRealPage’ Real Estate Website and Listing package.

MyRealPage currently doesn’t have a “tiered” product structure, so all the features below are included at no additional cost in your standard subscription package:


  • You can manage for free Unlimited number of Active or Sold Listings; (in fact all your listings including old expired ones are available to you).
  • All your listings are Automatically Imported without the need to enter them again (or pay anyone to do it), we import full listing information from the Real Estate Board and all your listings come complete with photos and full information, just as they were entered into the Real Estate Board database. Your Office Listings are also Automatically Imported. Of course you can add more and better photos or add more information.
  • Give your visitors free full anonymous listing searches (Reciprocity program) with 4 different search forms, including an innovate Google Map Search which allows your clients to draw their search on the map as rectangles, circles or free-form shapes, or select from a prepackaged neighbourhood overlays, right on the Google Map. See a sample video here.
  • Free Full Virtual Office Website (VOW) support (not just a password-protected Reciprocity search) , including New Lead Sign-Up, Automatic Email Notification for your VOW clients of new listings, price changes, status changes, etc; the ability for your VOW clients to Save any number of Searches, as well as mark listings as Favourites and more. All VOW listings are shown without delay (as is the case with mls.ca/realtor.ca and realtylink.org); and with their full details.
  • Free Automatic blogs about your New Listings, Sold Listings, and Open Houses; including the listing photos and the ability to modify the templates on which these blogs are based to give you the ultimate flexibility and differentiation (Watch a demo video here).
  • All our listings include Free Photo Gallery, Inquiry Form, Send a Friend Form, Google Map location, Mortgage Calculator.
  • Free Unlimited number of Pre-Defined Searches which you can create based on any available search form. You can also connect these Pre-Defined Searches to a Domain name, like “high-end-downtown-condos.com”, for example (See a domain demo video here).
  • Free Unlimited Pre-Defined Search Forms. Customize and save any available listing search form to display to your web visitors the settings which best reflect your specialty and the geographic area where you specialize; for example, pre-select White Rock Houses in a specific price range and make that form your default Reciprocity form.
  • Enjoy full access to Free Detailed Listing Web Access Statistics. See Listing Statistics Product Release.
  • Multiple great looking templates to choose from for both list and detail views: large photo centric, information-centric, short, Google Map centric, thumbnail, etc. You can choose which templates appear where.
  • Great inline form support: never leave the page you are on to submit a form: all are done in the same page with great animation effects.
  • 5 diffetent photo galleries to choose from to do your photo and movie presentation
  • Integrated Lightbox effect for large images that allows you to showcase large images in their original resolution.
  • Full support for embedded and uploaded videos; great image support that allows you to use both custom (“manual”) images and automatically imported ones from the Real Estate Boards’ databases.
  • Custom listing banners, such as “Immaculate”, “New Price”, etc. that will run across the listing images to draw better attention.
  • Integrated Walk-Score and Google Earth; all listings are automatically positioned
  • Craigslist integration: post multiple listings with just a few clicks: no copy-and-paste for each individual listings; great looking, image-rich posts.
  • iPhone and Android (google phone) support: full geo-location aware application that shows listings in your current vicinity, including support for VOW login, signup, integrated telphone calling and texting from the listing page; the application can follow as you move and update found listings
  • Full custom listing CSS support
  • Listing widget support: take all your Listings, IDX (Searches), Predefined Searches and Predefined Forms and embed them into any other website, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Point2Agent, or any other website, just like you would embed a YouTube video. Your listings widgets can even auto-box themselves when someone accesses your listings from email notifications. No more framing and ugly double-scrollbars, etc.


  • Free Unlimited Pages: have as many as you like on your website.
  • Free Master Template support: put things you would like to see on all your pages there. Override any page to be different.
  • Free Full CSS support, including separate CSS for your Master Template and CSS for each individual page for superior customizability (watch a demo video here).
  • Many free “Hot-Swappable” Themes to choose from: make your website look as different as you desire, or create an entirely different look and feel with our Website Tools. Watch a quick demo video here.
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) Website Page Editor which allows you to edit your Layout and Content on any Page or Master Template (What a “Power” demo video of what you can do).
  • Weblet-based Page Composition: your pages are comprised of a number of small building blocks, called “weblets”, such as News Feed, Featured Listing, Home Evalution Form, Custom Form, Quick Listing Search, Become a Member Form, Login Form, Navigation Menu, Jump Links, etc. All these weblets are available to you (no “locking/unlocking”). These weblets can be dragged-and-dropped anywhere on the page, including the template sections, so you can customize your pages to exactly what you would like them to look like. We have dozens of these weblets to choose from and mix-and-match.
  • Edit-Publish-Recover Website Editing Pattern. You are free to experiment with new pages, changes to your templates and look and feel: all without your visitors seeing these changes. When you are ready, hit the “Publish All” button. And we’ve got your back even if you discover mistakes after publishing: browse your saved page in the Website History and recover the information you want.
  • Free Cutomizable Flash Banners: many of our themes include flash banners which are fully customizable, including the ability to upload custom images and even flash movies to make your banner stand out. Don’t like flash? No problem, put a static image in palce of the flash banner.
  • Freely Use, Adapt, Customize a number of Pre-Built Forms, or build Forms From Scratch, including validating emails, required fields, etc.
  • Free Password protection of any page or document or image on your website with a simple checkbox
  • Free Automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enhancements:
    • Free Automatic Sitemap.xml and sitemap generation, including the ability to upload a custom sitemap.xml file or modify your sitemap page.
    • Free Automatic robots.txt generation, including the ability to upload a custom robots.txt file
    • Free Automatic inclusion of your Website Title and Subtitle in all your pages
    • Full access to Title, Description, Keywords and any Custom Meta Tags. If you provide these custom metatags or keywords on your Master Template, all your pages will automatically include them. (Watch a demo video here)
    • Text-only enhanced browsing: we duplicate important information and links in noscript tags and other appropriate places, if this important information may appear concealed in text-only browsing. We want search engines to see everything.
    • All Listings, Listing Searches and Listing forms can be accessed with a human readable URL (link) which can even be manually modified (watch a demo video here).
    • We make sure our websites comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines and are highly usable for your web visitors.
  • Free Full Blogging support, including the ability to embed photos, videos or other rich media (watch a demo video here). All MyRealPage blogs include Comment Forms which you are free to disable. You are also in control to authorize comments to prevent manual spam (automatic spam is prevented via special image verification code – CAPTCHA). All blogs include RSS Feed so they are easily integrated with FeedBurner (or Facebook Notes, or other) or TwitterFeed to propagate your blogs to blog aggregation services, your twitter account, social networks, etc.
  • Free Unlimited number of Blogs, Unlimited Blogs Posts which you can spread on Unlimited number of pages on your website. Hence, you can have a blog automatically created for your listings show up on a dedicated page; and you can create a separate page per blog on a distinct subject so that your blogs are not all jumbled together. Also, you can even have your News Feed weblet show a “preview” of any or all your blogs on the front page…
  • Integrated image resizing, cropping and editing. The system also autodetects large images and scales them for you automatically, if you allow.
  • Create artibrary list-based pages, such as, “Tips and Tricks”, “Recipes”, etc. and then cross-publish them on other pages on your website by creating “Featured Tip”, or “Featured Recipe”.
  • Create featured listing from your Predefined Searches: you will be able to feature listings that you didn’t list.
  • Publish your Twitter Feed, Friend Feed, or any other RSS feed on your website.
  • Full Custom Template support: have a designer create, test and package a custom, hand-rolled HTML template for your site. This template can be easily uploaded and applied to your Master Template on the website or any other page. Even after the Custom Template is applied, you can still manage your own layout and content (weblets) just like you did before the Custom Template.
We treat our websites not only as a platform for you to publish information, but also as “tools” for your visitors, where they can do listing searches, research, organize their finds, etc. All of this makes our websites “sticky” for your leads: they have a reason to return and sign up with you.

Lead Management

  • Enjoy a Free Fully Featured Lead Manager in MyRealPage Private Office. Have all your clients’ information at your fingure tips, including the ability to enable/disable their “services”, such as access to Virtual Office Website.
  • View your VOW clients’ Email Listing Notification History, view their Favourites to better understand how your clients requirements change or where their preferences lie. Track your clients’ Saved Searches in the VOW.
  • Import/Export your Contacts to and from popular mail programs, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, or a custom comma/tab delimited format.
  • Send an email or view email communication with a Contact right from your Contact/Lead Manager.
  • Synchronize your MyRealPage Contacts in Private Office and Webmail with Outlook, as well as mobile devices, such as Palm, Windows Mobile, etc (at the time of this writing this product is in the final stages of being released into a public beta)


There are too many product features to list here; please contact our sales at sales@myrealpage.com. At a glance though, expect:
  • Agent Directory with web integration
  • Instant Websites for your agents based on a number of templates fully under your control
  • Instant access to Listings, VOW and Contacts/Leads for your agents
  • Feature Agent support, with the ability to delegate all communication to them, as well as delegate leads
  • Intranet Website support, password protected for your agents. Have a protected website just for your office with all the features of a regular MyRealPage website.
Ok, so maybe it’s more like 30+ things you need to know, but it’s hard to stop… Of course, the above is far from complete and doesn’t include many, many other features. Again, remember all the above features and many others not mentioned here are included in your standard package at no extra charge: enjoy! :).
You should also know that if you sign up through our corporate website you will not require any contract and will be billed month-to-month. The setup fee entitles you to a fairly complete training session; and as our sales people tell me, it’s getting longer and longer :).
If you have concerns that are technology related or you would like to get clarification on how we support a particular technical feature, drop us a line at tech-answers@myrealpage.com. You may also be interested in my “MyRealPage vs Ubertor: Facts and Fiction” post which addresses the inaccuracies in technical claims made by Ubertor, our competitor in Greater Vancouver area.
You may also be interested in our Product Tour on the MyRealPage Corporate Website.
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