5 January Social Media Caption Templates For Real Estate Agents

5 January Social Media Caption Templates For Real Estate Agents

It’s finally here! What we’ve all been talking about since March 2020 …

The year 2021! A fresh start that’s perhaps more meaningful than any other. A blank slate that (hopefully) brings much more health, happiness and home sales than 2020 had to offer.

To start you off on the right foot, we’ve got five social media ideas for real estate agents, along with caption templates.

Happy new year!

January 4: New Year Intentions

Last month, we suggested you close out your 2020 social media calendar with a post about resolutions.

This month, what about kicking things off with a post about intentions?

While resolutions tend to look like goals (e.g. “Clean house once a week”), intentions are less specific, and more focused on achieving a certain state of being (e.g. “I want to feel at peace in my surroundings”).

A post where you share your intentions and invite your followers to share their intentions can be a great way to boost social engagement and build a connection with your audience.

Caption Template Examples:


  • This January, I’m about intentions, not resolutions. Less about what I want to achieve, and more about who and how I want to be. My intention for 2021: show up with kindness, for myself and for others. I’d love to hear (and be inspired by) your 2021 intentions. Share with me in the comments 👇
  • My word for 2021: delight. What’s YOUR word? 


January 12: Annual Real Estate Forecast

New year, new season, new real estate market.

Flex your real estate muscle and give your followers what they’re really after: an expert’s opinion on what can be expected from your local real estate market this year.

If you have the time and energy, this idea would make a great real estate eBook that you can offer for free on your website in exchange for a lead’s email address, and promote on social media.

For a social-only approach, put together an Instagram grid post carousel of images, with each image dedicated to a different prediction for the 2021 market. Or create a super simple video featuring text layered on images or coloured backgrounds.


Caption Template Examples:

  • New year, new real estate market. I’m looking into my crystal ball and offering my predictions on what 2021 has in store for buyers and sellers. Swipe left for a glimpse! 🔮
  • Red-hot detached home sales, condos have gone soft and the continuation of the urban exodus… these are some of my thoughts on what we can expect from our local real estate market this year. Want more? Head to the link in my bio to get the full report.
  • Not sure whether 2021 is the right year to buy? Sell? Try a new town? My latest video has the answers. Tap the link for a glimpse at the year in real estate.


January 18: Sellers’ Bootcamp

Serialized content — where you spread one idea across many different, regularly occurring posts — is a great way to build brand awareness, boost engagement, and show off your expertise in a certain area.

Want to try it out? Here’s an idea: a sellers’ Bootcamp content series.

Riffing off the popularity of fitness bootcamps to achieve new year’s health resolutions, the sellers’ bootcamp is for those who are planning on listing their home this year. Over the course of weekly posts, you can offer these prospective sellers a get-ready-to-sell plan.

Each installment could be dedicated to a different step, such as “Do a room-by-room purge” or “Make a list of every area that needs repairing or some TLC.”


To bring this series to life, create some special branding for it and even a dedicated hashtag (e.g. #sellersbootcampbyMK).

Caption Template Examples:

  • Introducing… the 2021 Sellers’ Bootcamp! In this weekly series, I’m going to be offering a step-by-step guide to prepping your house to sell for top dollar in 2021. Insider tips, tricks and secrets await. Make sure you turn on post notifications; new bootcamp sessions drop every Tuesday.
  • Ready to hit the market this year? Want to look your best? Need to make an impression? I’m not talking about dating… I’m talking about real estate.

    If you want to sell your house in 2021, you’re not going to want to miss my Sellers’ Bootcamp. I’m dropping a six-week plan for getting your house ready to sell for the most possible $$$. Comment below with a 🏠 if you want to sell in 2021!


January 20: International Day of Acceptance

This international observance is all about recognizing and embracing those with disabilities. It’s meant to celebrate diversity and empower those who are different.

Maybe you have someone in your life who is differently abled. Or maybe you have a disability, visible or invisible. Or maybe you simply want to share your support.

If you have a connection to the International Day of Acceptance, you can definitely make a social media post about it. After all, being human and keeping it real is going to be a major part of social media marketing in 2021.

Caption Template Examples:

  • Today is the #InternationalDayofAcceptance. Empower, educate, and embrace. And to my own wheelchair superhero: I love you.
  • Have someone in your life who is differently abled? Me too. Today, I celebrate them and us, and all our beautiful differences. Because today is the International Day of Acceptance. 


January 26: Winter Maintenance

A new season = a new to-do list for homeowners.

By January 26, we’ll be about one month deep into winter — a perfect time to review cold-weather home maintenance and upkeep tasks.

Put together a list of items like “Seal drafty windows”, “Watch for ice dams forming on the edge of your roof” and “Clean your dryer vents.”

Then, assemble your list into a blog post (promoted on social), Instagram Reel, TikTok video, or Instagram grid post featuring multiple images. 

Caption Template Examples:

  • Psst: your home needs TLC in the winter months, too. Swipe left for my winter maintenance to-do list.
  • Home upkeep doesn’t hibernate for winter (sorry). Here’s what to do to keep your house looking new.
  • Don’t wait until spring to give your home a good once-over. Proper upkeep is a year-round job. Today on the blog: my winter maintenance checklist. Link in bio!


Which social media platforms are you focusing on in 2021?




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