Animoto: video presentations without video camera or software

Animoto: Video Presentations Without Video Camera Or Software

Animotois a very interesting service which allows you to create very dynamic and professional quality video presentations simply from listing photos. After you upload your photos and pick a soundtrack, Animoto goes to work to create a unique video presentation; in fact, it’s different every time you use the same photos and sound, so clicking “Remix this video” will produce a different presentation.

Animoto has a special section for real estate ( which specifically targets real estate professionals. The service has a free and paid subscription model. Unfortunately, you will probably find that the free service will not be sufficient to produce high enough quality videos but it’s a good starting point to experiment with this service.
Once you create a video, you can choose to download it and then use the downloaded file to syndicate your video, embed it in your listing’s video or virtual tour section, or feature it on your bolog or website with MyRealPage.
As an example, here is a sample video we created from professional photos (by
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