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REALTOR® Website Spotlight – Sharon Greysen

Representing the beautiful region of Fraser Valley, Sharon Greysen's real estate website is simple, straightforward and at the same time, effective. The homepage alone delights visitors to a showcase of featured listings along with a variety...

REALTOR® Website Spotlight – Gary Serra

With web design styles and trends on the rise and rapidly advancing, there are various ways for Real Estate websites and agents to separate themselves and make their presence known. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s...

REALTOR® Website Spotlight – Ryan Torris

One look at Ryan Torris’ real estate website and you will know that he represents a style that is straightforward, simple, yet eye-catching, just like the city of Calgary. The homepage delights visitors to an incredible...

How to Build the Ultimate Real Estate Team

How to Build the Ultimate Real Estate Team

Power in numbers. Strength in groups. Teamwork makes the dream work. (And so on.) Yup. Today, we’re talking real estate teams. *Dun dun dun* If you’ve never been a part of a real estate team, maybe you’re starting...