Connect your Blog with MyRealPage to Facebook

Connect Your Blog With MyRealPage To Facebook
UPDATE: It appears that Facebook has discontinued this feature. However, you can still deliver your RSS feeds to Facebook by using 3rd party syndication services, such as Dlvrit: We have successfully tried Dlvrit and made it work with Facebook: it’s pretty straightforward and easy.
If you are active on Facebook, you may choose to connect your blog which you maintain on your website with MyRealPage, to your Facebook Notes section. This will ensure that your blog postings automatically appear there, including automatically generated listing blog posts. It’s very easy to connect your blog with MyRealPage to your Facebook account: you simply need to import your blog’s RSS feed into Facebook. Your blog is automatically equipped with RSS feed by MyRealPage. The whole process looks like this:

  • Start by logging into your Facebook account, and locating your Applications section:

  • After you click on Notes, you will be able to select “Import a Blog”…

  • At this point switch to another browser window, navigate to your website, locate your Blog, right-click on the RSS feed link, and select “Copy link address”:

  • Back in the Facebook screen, paste the link into Web URL field, and continue:

  • On the next screen, you will be able to preview your blog posts and “Confirm Import”:

  • You are done! Under your “Notes”, you will see now your blog posts:

We hope you will find this post useful. Remember that RSS is a standard way of making your blog posts available to other web services. For a quick primer on RSS and feeds, read this post. If you would like to publish your blog to another service, try googling for “RSS and [your service]”. Chances are: you will find what you are looking for. As an exercise, try “MySpace”, for example.

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