Downloadable Private Office Sunsetting – Instructions On Accessing Web Based Private Office

The previous downloadable Private Office is sunsetting in the first week of January. If you are already using the web based Private Office, the following does not apply to you.

The “Old” Private Office was a software program that you needed to download onto a computer.

It would have to download updates, slowing down the opening of the Private Office. If you need to do work from 2 computers, it needed to be downloaded twice. The new version is all web based so no more downloads.

While it served myRealPage clients very well over the years, it is no secret the internet is always advancing. As such we have built a new web based Private Office to take advantage of these advancements and continue to bring you the amazing product we do. We have re-thought and re-built the new Private Office from ground up, focusing heavily on the ease of use, clarity and making things happen faster for you.

Better features and easier to use? A win win!

If you are not using the web based Private Office, let us help you with that transition.

The web based Private Office works in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers.
Since the new web based Private Office relies on modern web standards, like HTML5, it currently does not work in Internet Explorer.

If you still use Internet Explorer for all your web access, we strongly encourage you to check out the other three major browsers. They are faster, more secure, provide better user experience, and you will discover that many websites will even do more things for you than Explorer allows.

We realize that some old software still requires an exclusive use of Internet Explorer, such as MLXChange, for example; so you can definitely keep Explorer around for that purpose. For all other browsing, check out the other choices! Here are the links:




If you want our opinion, Chrome is a great choice.

Once installed, navigate to and log in as you normally would.

Once logged in you will notice it looks a touch different, but fear not within a few seconds you will see familiar items and be on your way to managing and editing your website even easier than before.

We offer webinars every Wednesday that may help you get familiar a bit quicker and of course you can always reach out to us via our support channels.

Check out the webinars here 

Reach out to our support staff here 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are here to help.

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