FAQ: MyRealPage iPhone and Android mobile listing application

FAQ: MyRealPage iPhone and Android mobile listing application

I wanted to post a few Frequently Asked Questions here as a resource for those interested in the our iphone / android listing searches. I will fill in as more questions arise. Feel free to ask your own in comments!

If you haven’t seen the official release for this product, please visit MyRealPage Listing Search hits iPhone and Android

Q. How does your mobile listing application work?
A. It works by entering a URL (web link) into the phone browser. The URL for this application can be obtained from one of the realtors® who have MyRealPage listings subscription.

Q. What phones does it work on?
A. The mobile search works on iPhone (OS update 3.0) and Android based phones (“Cupcake” build), such as HTC Dream or Magic (Android phones are also often referred to as “google phones”)

Q. I am a MyRealPage customer, how do I access my mobile search?
A. The easiest way to get the URL (web link) to the mobile search is by visiting your public search page. We have included a link at the bottom of the page which will open a special “Mobile Inquiry” form and send you the URL to the email address of your choice. This is particularly handy for the smartphone users as there is no need to type in the URL manually: simply tap on it in your email on the phone. The “Mobile Inquiry” form is also designed to generate interest in the public that visits your website and, in turn, generate leads for you. Every request through this form will create a “quick lead” link which you can use to create a lead with one mouse click. After you opened the mobile search application, you can save it to your Home Screen: read a few entries below on how to do that.

Q. I am a MyRealPage customer, but I don’t see the link you mentioned.
A. Please note that this application is only available in regions where the local Real Estate Board authorizes “public searches” (i.e. Reciprocity program). We would love to offer it in your region as well and we will, as soon as your Real Estate Board allows it.

Q. Is it free?
A. The application is currently in beta and will be available for free while it remains in beta. We plan to keep it in beta for at least a few months until we mature this product and understand the mobile space better.

Q. I would like offer this application to my clients, but I am not a customer with MyRealPage. Do I need to switch my website provider?
A. The short answer is “no”: you don’t need to move your website to MyRealPage. Although, we would love to provide you with both the website and the listings solution, you are also free to keep your website where it is and purchase the subscription to “listings only”. This subscription will give you access to the mobile search. Hence, for example, if you are a Point2 customer and would like to keep your website, you can opt to use only the mobile application and frame the whole listings solution from MyRealPage into your Point2 website: there are MANY features you will get from our listings offering, including public MLS searches and Virtual Office Website (VOW) tools.

Q. Are you planning to release a Blackberry (or “X” phone) version of this application?
A. We have built this application using the technologies which are currently available only on the iPhone and Android phones (feel free to correct me on this technical point). In fact, these features are only a few months old. Currently, the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, etc. will need a special type of application built for them: of course, if and only if, the application on these platforms were to have the same feature sets as the iphone/android application: i.e. be geo-location and map based. We are currently looking into the Blackberry version of this application and we’ll post an update on this when we have more information.

Q. Why doesn’t iPhone locate me correctly? Sometimes, it shows me a few blocks off from where I really am.
A. MyRealPage application depends on the iPhone to provide accurate GPS location. Sometimes, this location is not accurate enough. We discovered that there is a quick and easy work around: simply press “Follow Me” button and wait a few seconds: the phone should come up with better location and then you can simply press “Un-Follow”.

Q. How can I check listings that are far away from where I am?
A. Simply use “Set Location” button and enter an approximate address, such as a street or location in the city. Don’t forget to include your city and province (just in case). The application should locate that address and show you the listings around it. You can “pan” the map by moving it around just like you would on your home computer. The listings should update as you “pan”. You can also force the application to search the listings in the current map rectangle by pressing “Search” button.
Q. How can I add this application to my iPhone / Android home screen?
A. When in application, simply press on the “+” on the iPhone on the bottom toolbar and then Select “Add to Home Screen”. A similar process of “Bookmarking” and adding the Bookmark to the home screen will apply to Android phones.

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