Features – Single Property

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Single Property

Easy to set up and use – No need to wrestle with complicated set ups. Easily add the form to your website, and get it up and running in minutes.

Fastest lead generation tool on the market – Instantly convert site visitors to leads when they sign up for their free custom reports.

Useful tool for property buyers and sellers – Get high quality leads on both the buying and selling side by providing them with a tool that gives them important property market information.

Beautifully-designed, branded reports – After signing up, visitors instantly receive their free report that not only looks great, but also comes with your branding to further encourage prospects to reach out to you.

Bite-sized market information – Reports generated contain easy-to-digest pieces of market data, including the status and prices of active and sold listings in the selected area. Users are then encouraged to contact you for more in-depth explanations and advice.

Complete listing details – If a user is interested in a specific listing, all details, photos, maps, etc. that are associated with that listing is made available to them.

Add value and drive traffic to your website – By becoming a source of relevant market information for consumers, more and more people are bound to visit your website! Great for generating traffic AND leads!

Custom landing/sign up page – Integrate Market Insight seamlessly onto your website by matching the free report sign up form to the rest of your site’s look.

Mobile-friendly reports – Gain a wider audience by via providing users with reports that are easy to view, and are fully compatible with any mobile device.

New reports twice a month – Once a user has signed up, an updated report is sent to them every 15 days… with your contact information included, of course!

Gain valuable data about your prospects – Find out exactly what types of properties, price ranges, neighborhoods, etc. your prospects are currently interested in, and use this information to adjust your marketing strategy and/or pursue users who seem most ready to transact.

Social Media integration – Easily share reports to your Facebook followers and fans to get even more sign ups as well as Facebook followers.

Seamless myRealPage site integration – Already a myRealPage user? Easily access Market Insight straight from your dashboard.