Have a bunch of websites with myRealPage, keep one account

Have a bunch of websites with myRealPage, keep one account

As your online marketing diversifies and becomes more creative and sophisticated, you may not be able to get away with having only one website any longer. Depending on your strategy, you may decide to target particular language groups, certain neighborhoods or “verticals”, or create different business models for your real estate services. Whatever your strategy is, myRealPage now enables you to easily create the number of websites you need and manage them separately, but under one account.

Maintaining all your websites under one account gives you a number of advantages:

  • You keep all your Listings in one place and enhance them with photos, virtual tours, videos and documents only once
  • You keep all your Predefined Searches in one place and distribute them across your multiple websites as you see fit
  • Your Blogging is contained in one account; and, given that you can have multiple blogs with myRealPage, you can distribute these across your multiple websites as you see fit
  • All your Leads and Clients, as well as Virtual Office Website (VOW) signups, are all in one place


If you would like to find out more about this feature, simply click on your “Website” tab in the Private Office and take a look at the multiple website options. Currently, additional websites are only $30/month per website with no other fees. We are launching this feature as a beta and will continue to enhance it over the next short while.

(PLEASE NOTE: right now this feature is included only in the Windows version of the Private Office. We will include it in the Mac version as well soon. If you are on a Mac and would like to take advantage of this feature now, simply call our support at: 1-866-512-3876 and we’ll be more than happy to set you up).

Do you have a suggestion or feedback? Drop us a line to feedback@myrealpage.com or leave your comments here.

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