Home for your videos on Fliggo

Home For Your Videos On Fliggo

If you read our previous posts, then you already know how to use TubeMogul to syndicate your videos to multiple social video sites, such as YouTube, Viddler, Revver, Metacafe, Blip.tv, etc. All of these social video sites allow you to share your videos and embed them in your blog or website with MyRealPage. But you may have also noticed that most of these sites include advertising in your videos, some of them restrict commercial content and you may have limited options if you ever wanted to brand and manage your own “channel”: the little place where all your videos could be viewed, browsed, searched, and commented on separately from the rest of the larger site (for example, are “Related Videos” always what you would want them to be?).

Enter Fliggo! Fliggo is a new startup which aims at allowing its users to create personalized individual video websites and configure them to their liking.
It’s easy to get started with Fliggo: just watch their introduction video by clicking “Watch the demo” button on their front page. Once you sign up, you will automatically have a “[your-username].fliggo.com” domain. It appears that a paid subscription is also in the works for a premium service: $15/month, which would include your own custom domain. You will also notice that you have a dedicated website just to your videos.
When logged in, you should check out the “Dashboard”, and especially the “Add-Ons”. There you can freely enable such things as:
  • Sharing (necessary for video embedding)
  • Categories
  • RSS Feed
  • Comments
  • and other…
Under “Settings”, you can specify whether this website will have moderated comments (i.e. you will need to approve them), whether it will have “open” membership and you can even specify your own Google Analytics ID to track traffic.
Under “Customize”, you can change your theme and upload your logo or photo.
Our first impressions of Fliggo are excellent. Keep in mind that this is a fairly new start-up and that Fliggo’s advertising policies may change too; but we thought you may want to experiment with this interesting service. It would be like having a dedicated home for all your videos and you can use it to embed videos into your blog or website with MyRealPage as well as videos or virtual tours in your listings, and not worry about 3rd party logos and advertising in your videos. Of course, having a place on Fliggo doesn’t mean that you should stop syndicating your videos; you may simply use Fliggo as the “real” home for your videos and you can link to it from your website and advertise and promote it; especially since it’s absolute free.
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