How do I distribute my Videos to different Video Websites

How do I distribute my Videos to different Video Websites

Once you have created your video, it can seem daunting to have to upload it manually to all sorts of video websites on which you would like your video to appear. Fear not: there is an easier way. Enter TubeMogul (

I would strongly recommend this service. It’s easy to sign up and you will be able to distribute your videos to over 20 websites, for example:

  • YouTube
  • Yahoo!
  • MySpace
  • MetaCafe
  • Google
  • Revver
  • Viddler
  • Vimeo
  • and more…

Of course, you would need to sign up with each individual website and provide TubeMogul with your username/password.

TubeMogul video distribution process is easy:
1. Click on Upload a Video link and upload your video
2. Click on Launch and Promote a Video to distribute it.

TubeMogul also gives you a variety of tools to monitor and track your videos. They are easy to use and worth the time to learn!

A few tips that you may find useful:

  • In “Launch and Promote a Video” screen, click on “More sites” and make sure you “apply” by filling out a quick form as to why you would like to use these additional sites. The approval process takes a day or two, but you will be able to distribute your video to more well-known websites
  • TubeMogul allows you to save your username/passwords for each video website so you don’t have to re-type every time you launch a new video (which can be annoying and boring). I would suggest using this feature, BUT, please create a special username and password for video sites that are different from your commonly used username and passwords (such as for your bank account, or email account, or important online services). Be smart about your security: your usernames and passwords are only as secure as the sites that holds them.
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