How do I embed a Video in my MyRealPage Blog

It’s very easy to embed a Video into your Blog with MyRealPage. First, of course, you need to create a video. Use your favourite camera or camcorder. Once you have the video for the blog, choose one of the many video hosting providers out there. Here are a few you may want to check out:

These websites also offer extensive help resources about how to copy video to your computer and then upload it, etc.
For example, here is a help link from youtube:
Once you have uploaded your video (in many cases, you may need to sign up with the service), then follow these simple steps. The example below uses as the video hosting provider, but the procedure will be very similar with all the others:
  • First, locate your video and locate the “embed” code:
  • Next, in your Blog Entry screen, follow these 2 steps:
  • And, voila! your video is now part of your blog:
Hope this helped!
Remember that you can use the same technique to embed a video anywhere on your website. You can also use “Markup Weblet” under “Advanced” section in your weblet list to easily copy and paste the “embed” code. Also, many of these video providers allow you to customize the code to set a different video size, borders, etc.
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