Improved Help Documents En Route!

It is always our goal to make using the myRealPage platform easier. Using your real estate website should not be difficult. Sure there are complicated things you may want to do, but it is our job to make sure you are able to do these easily and find out how when you don’t know.

How We Are Doing It

As part of this goal we are reviewing and improving all of our knowledge base articles, the how to’s of the various things you can do with your myRealPage website or listing solution.

Specifically we are ensuring the text instructions are accurate. How the system functions has changed over the years and important that these instructions make sense.

We have also launched a page housing the most common questions we get asked.

We’ve Added Images and Videos

An image is worth a thousand words. So they say. In this case it may not be a thousand but it is replacing some of the words we used to explain various steps. We are adding images of virtually every step you need to take to complete the task within the how to.

On top of this we are adding videos that walk you through the process. So if you prefer you can watch someone perform the exact task you hope to complete. This fills in the blanks about not only what to do but what it should look like as you do it.

See Some Examples

You can find the resources in two places. One is on our site at Top Ten FAQ and the other is our Knowledge Base.

The first is a quick and easy spot to find what we know to be the most common issues people run into.

The second is our full knowledge base with almost 200 articles and growing.

We hope these improvements help not only make your myRealPage site easier to use but also help free you from spending extra time in front of the computer and out helping people achieve their real estate goals and growing your business.

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