Introducing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools in Private Office, updated Statistics

Introducing Google Analytics And Webmaster Tools In Private Office, Updated Statistics

We would like to introduce a set of new features that have just been published to myRealPage Private Office. We have given our Statistics package an overhaul to make it more usable and friendly. We have also created a tight integration for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. It is now super easy to connect your website with myRealPage to a Google Analytics account, get quick Analytics stats, and with only one click, you can now connect your website to Google Webmaster Tools!


[ Find all the statistics in one convenient place ]

Here is a the brief summary of our updates:

  • Created a new section in the Private Office for Statistics
  • Created Google Analytics integration:
  • Created Google Webmaster Tools integration:
  • Listing Statistics received a complete facelift to make them easier to use and understand
  • Virtual Office Website (VOW) Statistics also received a facelift and now sport easier-to-use controls


[ The above is a quick report view in the Google Analytics section in the Private Office ]


[ Quickly access Google Webmaster Tools and verify and link your website’s domains ]


[ Virtual Office Website statistics are easier than ever to use ]

We hope you enjoy these new updates and, as always, we would love to hear what you have to say. Send us your thoughts to

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