Let your visitors signup and login for VOW with Yahoo ID

Let your visitors signup and login for VOW with Yahoo ID

Recently we have added a couple of cool features to our Virtual Office Website (VOW) product, such as “Login with Facebook” and “Login with Google”. Today, we are adding the ability for your web visitors to also sign up and login with their Yahoo ID.


Why Yahoo? Well, it so happens, that Yahoo Mail boasts in excess of 250,000,000 accounts! Now, combine that with the likelihood of your visitors having a Facebook account (over 500,000,000 registered users) or Gmail account (over 90,000,000) and it becomes very likely that these signup and login shortcuts may prove very useful to your potential leads. And, as is commonly recognized, the easier it is to signup and login on your website, the more likely your visitors may end up doing just that.

Enabling the Yahoo link is very easy:


Let us know what you think: post your comments here or send us an email to feedback@myrealpage.com. We would love to hear from you!

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