Listing Statistics: They Click!

We have been collecting Listing Statistics for some time now and we have now released them for you to view and analyze. Our Listing Statistics sport: Listing Statistics Entry Point
  • Daily, Monthly, and Yearly views
  • Aggregated Statistics for All our Listings and for each Individual Listing
  • Break-down by whether your listings have been accessed through your website or others (such as searches in other websites)
  • Break-down by which screens your listings have been viewed: “My Listings”, “Office Listings”, “Reciprocity” (if applicable), “VOW” (if applicable)
  • Distinct Visitors by IP addresses
  • Break-down by what listing information has been viewed: Details, Images, Location on Map, Print View, Documents, etc.
  • Break-down by how many times the listings has been Inquired about, Emailed to Friend, added to Favorites, etc.
  • Break-down by Time of Day for Daily, by Day for Monthly, and by Month for Yearly views
  • Pie charts for easy visualization
Below are a couple of screenshots to give you an idea:
Listing Statistics Text View
Listing Statistics Graphs
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