Major update to Weblet editing tools: a new look and function for the new Private Office

Major update to Weblet editing tools: a new look and function for the new Private Office

As you may know, we launched a new, completely revamped web-based Private Office a little while ago. Today, we are very pleased to announce a complete re-work on the way our weblet editing tools look, feel, and function.

Weblets” are little building blocks that comprise the contents of our web pages. They account for most of myRealPage website platform’s flexibility and power. They allow you to add complex, interactive features to your pages with just a few clicks. myRealPage offers several dozens of various weblets, such as “Text Editor”, “Embedded Video”, “Image Banner”, “Interactive Map”, “Local Places”, “Listings”, “Listing Showcases”, as well as a series of weblets designed specifically for mobile websites.

We decided to go through every single one of our weblets’ editing screens and re-organize, re-engineer and re-design the way they look and behave, including the actual Weblet Picker itself. We made each configuration screen easier to understand and work with and we “annotated” all the options with little question marks to let you know right on the spot what each of the options does. Today’s update is the result of this laborious but rewarding process. Take a look at the screenshots below and explore your new Private Office yourself:

Here is how you would add new content to your pages:


This is our new Weblet Picker, a modern design for a modern CMS:


Here are some examples of the new weblet editing screens:





Our mobile weblets also got a facelift: check out one example below:




We hope you will enjoy using these new features as much as we enjoyed making them! Let us know what you think: : we are always interested in what you have to say.

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