MyRealPage and Craigslist: Mashing up the Impossible

MyRealPage and Craigslist: Mashing up the Impossible

We have just released an enhanced Craigslist integration for our users that allows them to quickly post their listings. Craigslist has very strict terms of use and no API to allow for a fully integrated data flow, but we have managed to integrate the “unintegratable” 🙂

We were very careful to stay within the Craigslist terms of use and each listing is still posted manually and individually, but the process now literally consists of 3-4 mouse clicks (mostly to traverse Craigslist own posting wizard). We have also made it possible to pre-select a number of listings and post them quickly to the same Craigslist category. The users can also specify their default banner, footer, and a custom contact banner: that can really help to keep the brand consistent. This ties really well with the recent MLXJet Integration, as the users can use their email banner image as an external image in their default Craigslist header in this new tool! And when their MLXJet template changes, so will their Craigslist banner; in real time. Now, that’s brand consistency 🙂
This integration is possible due to the unique way that MyRealPage’s Private Office application was built. We have been experimenting with this mashup technology for some time now and we are pleased to see it applied to a very useful case. What makes this mashup technology unique is that it doesn’t require the participation of the website which is being “enriched” with additional functionality. There will be more product releases that will use this technology to bring MyRealPage products closer to other 3rd party services and make our users more productive.
The official product release can be found here:
Here is also the screenshot for the application (it really has a wizard-like behavior, so it’s hard to capture it in one screen, but this is just to get an idea):
MyRealPage and Craigslist Integration Screenshot
and you can watch the demo video here:
(Whew, now I can say that this January was crazy busy: 6 product releases in the span of one month! Go MyRealPage! 🙂
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