MyRealPage launches Javascript Data API, pushes the platform to a new level

MyRealPage launches Javascript Data API, pushes the platform to a new level

MyRealPage has released the first installment of its Javascript Data API. The API is designed to provide web designers and developers with richer tools to create dynamic and highly customized content on MyRealPage websites.

As of this release, web designers and developers will be able to interact with MyRealPage Virtual Office Website (VOW) through the javascript calls. For example, it is now possible to signup and login a user into their VOW account; display their saved searches, favorite categories and listing email alerts, and more. It is also possible to obtain blog posts and listing information from the website owner account in order to create dynamic “feature” widgets.  These tools will make it possible to build widgets and user interface elements by 3rd parties using data from website owner’s services. Combined with MyRealPage Custom Template support, the API will also make it possible to incorporate dynamic data-driven elements inside static HTML.

Here is an example of how one would interact with MyRealPage Javascript API:

mrpapi.loadVowService( function() { mrpapi.getCurrentVowProfile( function( profile ) { displayProfileInfo( profile ); } ); }); function displayProfileInfo( profile ) { ... }

[UPDATE] We have also included an easy to use Template support for javascript. It makes it possible to store small template files in MyRealPage WebDrive and retrieve them as needed and then merge them with javascript data. This makes it even easier for designers to separate the code from the presentation and have more control over the look and feel of the resulting web views.

The full documentation for the API is coming but if you would like to get a jump start, drop me a line to: bill–

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