MyRealPage Listings for 3rd Party Websites

MyRealPage Listings For 3rd Party Websites

MyRealPage offers its Listing subscription as a stand-alone separate package. MyRealPage Listings product boasts a very long list of powerful features, including Automatic Listings (imported directly from Real Estate Board databases in supported regions), Public Searches (Reciprocity program), Virtual Office Website (VOW) with such tools as Saved Searches, Favorites, and Email Alerts, unlimited and free self-managed Predefined Searches, Predefined forms; a slew of useful end-user Listing forms, Interactive Google Map searches that let you draw your search area on the map etc. MyRealPage Listings also support a wide variety of rich media, such as embedded or uploaded videos, virtual tours, large sized photos, configurable photo galleries, and other.

MyRealPage Listings subscription is now available for embedding in 3rd party websites, as a simple javascript based widget. Separate code snippets are available for embedding to represent:

  • Agent Listings
  • Office Listings
  • Public Listing Search
  • VOW Listing Search
  • Each Predefined Search separately
  • Each Predefined Search Form separately


Any one of these snippets can be embedded into a separate page, as appropriate. The widget brings the full richness of MyRealPage Listings product into your website hosted by providers other than MyRealPage. Currently, it has been tested to work in the following websites:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Point2Agent
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Will be expected to work in any website that allows embedding of a javascript snippet

MyRealPage Listing widget will also support the following widget-related functions:

  • Full “inlining” into the page: eliminates double scrollbars, seamlessly displays in the page
  • Back button support: preserves the familiar user browser experience when navigating listings
  • Auto-boxing: can be configured to open a designated page on your website and auto-box itself when the listing URL is accessed from email, for example (in which case the URL points to myrealpage servers). This makes it possible to show the listings in your website’s branded context

WordPress (bare-bones installation)

Blogger Example

Point2Agent Example

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