MyRealPage Overhauls Listing Web Forms, Adds Lead Capture

MyRealPage Overhauls Listing Web Forms, Adds Lead Capture

Continuing with the focus on our Listings System, we have just published updates to our most commonly used Listings Web Forms, including the “Listing Inquiry” form, “Send this Listing” form and the “Mortgage Calculator” form. The new forms are now much more interactive, visual and fun to use. Along with their rich animation and display, they are also very SEO-friendly and can even be operated by browsers with no javascript enabled. The forms not only present much more relevant information, including listing photos, website owner photos, and cross-links to the inquiry form (all to facilitate the form submission, and generation of a lead); but also, hopefully, web visitors will find them much more fun to use.

Along with the new forms, we have also deployed a new Lead Capture system which makes it very easy for our customers to review and create leads. The lead creation is inevitably a trade-off between a fully automated system which may create too much data and may be in need of constant “pruning” and “cleaning” and a fully manual system which requires too many repetitive tasks. We think we found the golden medium with the simple email friendly links which can either be ignored if the lead is recognized or used to quickly reivew and create a lead in the Private Office. Combined with the Outlook synchronization, import and export functions in the Private Office, MyRealPage leads can become very “portable”.
The new web forms, although seemingly unassuming, carry a fair amount of complexity; as they function in an expected way for our broker clients as well. If the account has an Agent Diretory subscription, then agents’ photos will be used in the inquiry forms, as well as their direct email addresses. And those agents that have Tier 3 access to the Private Office will also benefit from the One Click Lead Capture. Equally, the new forms will support the “Featured Agent” function which allows all listings inquiries to be directed to one “Agent of the Day”.
There are more exciting updates to come. Stay tuned!

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