MyRealPage QR codes for Listings and Contact Info = Mobile Coolness Factor

sample-qr Have you heard of QR codes?  These little things are basically a variant of barcodes. (Here is a link to a QR wiki age) What is interesting about them is that many smart phones, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre have applications that can scan and decode them by using the built-in phone cameras. Decoded QR codes can be many things, such as URLs, contact records, etc. So we thought, why not use the QR codes to make it easier for mobile users to access listing information and your contact details on the go.

Here is a hypothetical scenario: imagine that someone is walking by your freshly planted “FOR SALE” sign for a property you have just listed. She notices the QR code with “LISTING DETAILS” caption nicely attached to the sign. Being a hip mobile savvy user, she pulls out her iPhone and scans the code; and within a few seconds she is looking at the full details webpage of your listing, complete with all the photos, contact form, etc. She also notices your phone number and next to it another QR code that says: “SCAN THIS FOR MY CONTACT DETAILS”. She does just that and instantly sees the QR reader create a contact record with your details and ask her whether she wants to add it to her Contacts. All this has happened without your lead typing a single character into her phone.

Think about the possibilities now. You can print a QR code at the back of your business card, on your listing materials, anywhere where you can save your leads some typing and increase your mobile coolness mojo! 🙂

The official announcement for this feature release will be forthcoming on MyRealPage official blog, but this little post is a special sneak peak for those who follow 🙂

Here is a quick schematic of how this works for Listing Details:


And the same but for Contact Details:


Here is where you will find your Listings’ QR Codes:


And your Contact Info QR Code:


Do you have comments or suggestions? Do you know of a creative idea to use the QR code? Let us know! Post your comment here or send us an email to

(BTW, did you like the nice shadow effects on the images above? I created this post in Windows LiveWriter which I use now to publish to MyRealPage blog (check our latest support of the API) as well as the ones hosted by Blogger. I am very happy with this software: lots of great features: check it out!)

UPDATE: Helpful link for Blackberry users who want to install a barcode reader:

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