myRealPage releases Listing Showcase : a flexible way to showcase your listings

I am very pleased about the addition of Listing Showcase, a new module to extend myRealPage listings product. Listing Showcase fits very well with other myRealPage Listings features, such as Pre-Defined Searches. Whereas Pre-Defined searches make your websites (even if your website is not with myRealPage) information-packed, Listing Showcase was created to make your listings look COOL!

We have created 3 different types of Listing Showcases for the first release: Multi-Listing Slideshow; Multi-Listing Band, and Featured Listing. See samples of these showcases at the end of the article.

Here are a few neat things about this feature:

  • Each listing showcase can be configured with listings that are:
    • individually picked by you
    • are all your or your office listings
    • any of your predefined searches, or any Reciprocity listing by MLS®  number (the system will display the necessary listing broker/agent text and Reciprocity logo where needed; but you are responsible for disclaimers)  — (So imagine now targetting a neighborhood in your city with a predefined search and displaying a running slideshow or a sliding band of the search results in prominent place on your website!)
  • Each showcase has its own custom settings that allow you to fine tune its behavior; for example, Multi-Listing Slideshow can be configured to display more than 1 photo per listing in the slideshow
  • Showcases allow you to fine tune, where appropriate, display settings, such as borders, colors, background, etc.
  • Each showcase can be embedded into a 3rd party website (your WordPress blog, or another website that’s not with myRealPage) or into myRealPage website through the Listing Showcase weblet. The Listing Showcase weblet will allow you to override the width of the showcase to tightly fit it to the space into which you are inserting the showcase on myRealPage website.

Listing Showcase will now provide an excellent platform to add new showcase types so that your listings can look their best and get the attention you want them to get.

This feature is included free of charge with the regular Listings or Listings+Website subscription.  If you have ideas or suggestions on how to improve this feature or what other types of Listing Showcases to add, drop me a line at You can also read the official release about Listing Showcase on myRealPage Blog.

Below are the Listing Showcase types released with the first version of this feature:

Multi-Listing Slideshow will take several listings and create a nice slideshow which includes pan-and-zoom (Ken Burns) effect. You can even specify how many photos per listings to use if you would like to showcase only a couple of listings. See the video below:

Multi-Listing Band is designed to create a slider like control with the listings’ arranged horizontally in a row; where the slider can scroll left and right.


Featured Listing is a familiar widget which simply creates a little listing presentation that can be conveniently placed on sidebars in websites.

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