MyRealPage updates VOW toolbars

MyRealPage Updates VOW Toolbars

We are continuing to focus on listings as we overhaul the look and feel and the usability of our listing solution. In the process, we are continuing to re-evaluate and find new, more creative ways to expose as many listing tools to our clients’ web visitors as possible. The idea is to provide enough incentive for anonymous web visitors to sign up to become users of the Virtual Office Website tools offered by MyRealPage websites (where available). The lead generation remains the primary focus of all the ongoing listing updates.

The new Virtual Office Website (VOW) toolbar and favorite toolbar have been improved in the way they look, read, behave and advertise their capabilities. We hope our clients’ web visitors will find them easier to understand and use. Please read the official announcement on MyRealPage company website:

New MyRealPage VOW Toolbar Updates

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