MyRealPage Website System: Introduction

MyRealPage Website Provisioning System (WPS) offers a sophisticated and powerful foundation to build websites, real-estate and others. MyRealPage website system has been built from the ground up with the view to create an industry-independent, extensible, and configurable website platform (its current implementation for Real Estate websites is an adaptation of this more general platform). It provides powerful facilities for the end user to be in full control of their website content, layout, SEO, and look-and-feel. It also offers graphic designers and marketing professionals powerful tools to build unique, hand-crafted websites based on custom HTML code and fully open CSS support, as well as manage and optimize websites on behalf of their clients.
If you are a graphic designer, a marketing professional, or a virtual assistant, in order to understand how to best leverage MyRealPage website system for your clients, it may be beneficial to understand some under-the-hood workings of this platform.
We have created separate sections that give you an in-depth look at MyRealPage website system:

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