New “Power” Option For 3rd Party HTML/Widget Weblet

New “Power” Option For 3rd Party HTML/Widget Weblet

Things have been very busy at myRealPage. I was involved in a long running collaborative project which I am very thrilled to announce soon.
However, even though things have been quiet on this blog; they have not been quiet in development.
Today, I wanted to share with you a great “power” addition to our 3rd Party HTML/Widget weblet. This weblet has always been designed to let HTML and CSS-savvy users, or their real estate web designers, to add custom pieces of code to their websites. Now they have an option to “include” an external HTML file where the code may reside.
This offers a great advantage now of being able to write a piece of reusable HTML/Javascript code and save it to the WebDrive; and then reference it from various different HTML/Widget weblets; but maintain singular location for the code. This allows you to modify the contents of this included file and the changes will be reflected potentially in many different places: everywhere where this file has been referenced. (Keep in mind also, that the WebDrive allows you to edit text file in-place: simply right click the file and select to edit it).
Hopefully, you will find this functionality useful. Have questions or feedback? Drop me a line to

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