New Private Office: Re-thought. Re-designed. Re-loaded.

New Private Office: Re-thought. Re-designed. Re-loaded.


Over the past few months we have been hard at work re-evaluating and re-thinking how you, our clients, use our products. We know that you love the features, the power, the flexibility, the price, the all-inclusiveness. But we also heard you when you told us that you wanted our tools to be simpler and easier to use, you wanted to get off the ground quicker and spend less time finding out how to do things and more time doing them. We decided that we needed a new Private Office, one that would be web-based, and truly deliver on the promise of “making simple things easy and difficult things possible”.

We are very pleased today to launch the first beta version of our new Private Office. The Private Office is now completely web based; it was designed from the ground up to use the exciting new web developments, such as HTML5; and we are looking forward to growing with the web and making new web technologies part of our tools. There are too many improvements, redesigns and features to enumerate in one list: we want you to dive in and re-discover the familiar ones and find the new ones. We will be covering them on our blog over the next while, so stay tuned!

All you have to do to get started is fire up Chrome or Firefox browser and login into your account at:



Here is a brief tour in screenshots of the Private Office. Check it out:

Below is the view of the Private Office Dashboard: a starting point that takes you where you want to go.



Here is a new web-based listings module: everything you need to get your listings and IDX looking and behaving their best.



The new Listing Editor is completely re-designed with simplicity in mind. Explore it to find new things too!



Never get lost: powerful and intuitive navigation to let you get to where you need to be faster and easier.



We are very excited about the new Private Office release and we are looking forward to learning from your feedback and continuing to build on it. Please help us make it better: let us know what you think by dropping us a line to

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