One-Click Domains are here!

One-Click Domains are here!
If you have ever been involved in setting up a domain to point to your website, and you had the misfortune of needing to communicate between your “techie” and the website company, or even worse: had to do it yourself; you would probably agree that it’s a royal pain! “Domain registrar”, “IP Addresses”, “‘A’ Records”, “CNAMEs”: just writing those things is tiring! And what’s worse, it appears that, increasingly, the online marketing turns towards relying on domains to promote individual brands. Here are a few examples of what you would see others use multiple domains for:
  • Simply as alternatives for a website: “” and “”
  • To point to individual listings: “”, or “”
  • To browse properties by neighborhood or other criteria: “”
  • To point to popular searches: “”
  • To create special marketing campaigns: “” and point visitors to the discount details (great for Google Adwords!)
MyRealPage has made it extremely simple now to register and set up your domains. It won’t even feel like you are “setting up” anything. You will be up and running in a matter of minutes, or even seconds! With MyRealPage’s “One-Click Domains”, you can:
  • Register, transfer, or manually create a domain of your choice (provided of course, it hasn’t been already registered!)
  • You can point the newly created domain to:
    • Your main Website
    • A Search you have composed and saved through your Private Office, e.g. “”
    • A Search Form which reflects popular criteria, such as “” pre-selecting lower-range prices and rentable suites, for example
    • An individual listing you would like to promote specially
    • Any page in your website (even a document or graphic)
    • Attach a Google Analytics ID to any one of these domains to track traffic to them via this popular free service!
  • When a web visitor follows such a domain, it will automatically “go” to the right place. Even better, your web visitor will stay within the same domain which they used originally as they continue to browse the rest of your website. This makes it possible for you to collect individual domain statistics reflecting how effective your marketing campaign targetting this domain is!
  • You can even point your domains to go to external websites, e.g. “”
Watch a 5 minute video demonstrating just a sample of this new powerful tool!
One Click Domains
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