Public release for public development of blocksCMS

In the wake of the release of our brand new blocksCMS — a new and exciting way to create great looking modern websites — we are thrilled to open to the public our new designer tools built for blocksCMS. This toolset aims to open to our customers the very innards of customizability of the platform. In case you have missed our blocksCMS release, please find it here.

The new blocksCMS designer toolset was specifically created to address the many requirements that a web designer has these days and, in particular, offers the ability to:

  • Fully own the markup / CSS / JavaScript code for each block
  • Create your own custom blocks from scratch, including all the controls visible to the end user, such as text inputs, color controls, backgrounds and images, and many more…
  • Easily tweak, modify, and extend any of the many existing blocks to give your client exactly what they are looking for with minimal effort
  • Ability to Copy/Paste snapshots of your blocks from / to different websites / themes — a great way to build up your own inventory of customized blocks and reuse designs and code
  • Early access to experimental features for feedback

Our hope is that developers and designers that work with our customers will explore our new tools and create beautiful websites on our platform; and, at the same time, help us push forward our CMS through their feedback.

Experience this groundbreaking new platform now. If you have access to any myRealPage website, you can create a secondary website — choose to create a FREE blocks website and start testing it right away! Just contact so that they can turn the feature on for you!

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