Publish your MyRealPage Blogs to Twitter

Publish your MyRealPage Blogs to Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to create and maintain large social networks. If you, like many others, have “discovered” Twitter and incorporated it into your daily online activity, you may want to see how much closer you can bring Twitter to your MyRealPage website.

This post will explore publishing updates in your blog on a MyRealPage website to your Twitter account.

Twitter allows you to publish up-to-140-character-long messages that describe “what you are doing”. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could use Twitter to automatically announce that you have published a new blog posting. Or even better: since MyRealPage provides you with automated blog postings for your listing activity, such as New Listings, Sold Listings and Open Houses; wouldn’t it be great if those posts could also make their way into your Twitter stream. That’s precisely what you can achieve by connecting your blog feed to your Twitter account.

To connect your blog RSS feed (read a short primer on RSS and feeds here) to your Twitter account, use a great free service provided by TwitterFeed (
  1. Create a TwitterFeed account. You can create a new account or use your GMail username/password to login (don’t worry, twitterfeed will not know your password, it will use an OpenID protocol which Google participates in. In fact, we highly recommend that you create a GMail account, as it gives you access to a whole bunch of other Google services which you can find very useful).
  2. Go to your website’s Blog page and locate the RSS Feed icon. Right-click on on it, and select “Copy Shortcut”:
  3. In TwitterFeed, create a New Feed and populate the fields. This is what my screen looked like after it was filled out:
  4. If you choose to update every 30 mins, then you may want to grab a cup of coffee until TwitterFeed runs your first update. After about 30 mins, you should see something like this show up in your Twitter account (provided, of course, you have some content in your Blog):
A couple of hints are in order here:
  • If you find that your automatic listing blogs don’t produce a well reading entry in Twitter, you can customize your Automation blog settings for your listings so that they produce most of the information in the first 140 characters and the posts become meaningful in Twitter. To customize your Automation templates, go to “Blogging->Automation” and click on appropriate “Edit Template” link next to New Listings, Sold Listings, and Open Houses.
  • You can choose to use “Prefix each tweet with” field by entering something like “New Blog post:” to make your regular blog posts more meaning too. Experiment!
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