REALTOR® Website Spotlight – Doug and Chris Schild’s The Real Estate Market

REALTOR® Website Spotlight - Doug and Chris Schild's The Real Estate Market

If you’re looking for stunning real estate webs design, look no further than Doug & Chris Schild’s website which demonstrates an amazing combination of style, aesthetics, and function.

Their website is a great example of seamless branding and logo integration. Along with this design element, the site also makes use of other elements such as strategic call-to-actions, and easy to use predefined listing searches that are presented via an interactive map.

Feel free to browse their website, and see what the myRealPage design team can do for YOUR site.

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CALL TO ACTIONS: User-friendly Design For Easy Navigation




SEARCH AREA MAP: Customized Map Layout with Predefined Search Integration




CUSTOMIZED BANNER: Seamless Agent Overlay Intergration





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