RSS: Old Dog, New Tricks!

RSS: Old Dog, New Tricks!
Let’s start with the problem: Have you ever wanted to inter-connect content on your website better? For example: how about showing a random Customer Testimonial on your front web page; or a “Quote of the Day“, or event better, one or more listings (but not from your own listings, but, say, from your Office Listings, or even from a Predefined Search which you had put together).
MyRealPage has created an interesting mechanism to enable just that. Many of MyRealPage weblets (the little building blocks out of which your web pages are composed) are list oriented. For example:
  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Reports
  • Links
  • Snippets (the new addition)
These list-oriented weblets lend themselves very well to be represented by an RSS feed. Now when you combine the power of RSS feeds with the power of having an RSS Reader (which is what our “News Weblet” essentially is); you can start doing some interesting “magic” of “featuring” feed-enabled content on your website on any web page, such as your home page, for example!
How do you do it? The process is simple and requires that:
  1. You have a feed-enabled page, such as your Testimonials page, Awards, Reports, or your special custom page with the Snippets weblet (that contains favorite quotes, for example); OR you have your own listings, office listings, or predefined public searches.
  2. You add a “News Weblet” to the page where you would like to “feature” your content and connect the “News Weblet” to the feed-enabled page or listings in step 1.
(Hint: even if you have multiple list-oriented weblets on your web page, ALL of them will be included in the feed, hence, you can break up your Links page into sections with several Links weblets, and they will still all create one feed).
We have enhanced our “News Weblet” now to make it possible to “randomize” items before displaying them, making for a neat dynamic rotation of content. We have also optimized it for speed.
Watch a video below which demonstrates how to “feature” Testimonials and Predefined Search Listings on your home page. Experiment! And, of course, this feature is included in your standard Website Package. Enjoy!
[Special thanks to Peter Colak of Sutton Group West Coast in Vancouver (  for causing some “chain reactions” that lead to this release! Thanks, Peter! We appreciate your input.]
MyRealPage and RSS Demo Video
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