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Twitter is a great tool to create and maintain large social networks. If you, like many others, have “discovered” Twitter and it became part of your daily online life, you may be interested in connecting your Twitter Feed to your website with MyRealPage.

There are a number of “widgets” which can be found on Widgetbox ( that show your latest posts from your Twitter Feed. These widgets can be easily incorporated into your MyRealPage website by simply copying and pasting a code snippet.
Below is a video which demonstrates just how to do that. In the end, we will achieve the effect shown in the screenshot below:

Watch this video to see how to achieve this effect:

Hint: MyRealPage also provides a “News Weblet” which can read any RSS Feed (Quick Primer on RSS here) and display results (including randomizing them) on any of your pages. Well… Twitter gives you an RSS Feed which you can easily find on your home Twitter page. Why not try and experiment by connecting your Twitter RSS feed to MyRealPage News Weblet and see your latest tweets in their full glory on your webpage. If you would like a separate HOWTO on how to achieve this, vote on this blog by posting a comment!
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