Spring Has Sprung New Themes At myRealPage

Spring Has Sprung New Themes At MyRealPage

We are proud to announce ten new themes are available to all myRealPage clients! We have diversified our theme collection with new colours, styles and MLS search options.

We are foccused on providing modern designs with known real estate lead generation strategies.

If you’d like to try one of these themes on our site you can either make the change on your own or reach out to our support team and they’ll happily help you out!

Its easy to swap to any of these themes. Just follow these instructions.

How to swap your theme.

You also have the option to customize these the same as any of our other themes. For a one time charge, you can request a color change by sending an email to support@myrealpage.com with the color of your choice.

How Do I Pick Colors for my website.

If there are any items that you would like removed, swapped out, or added you can try this on your own with some of the articles at our Learning Center  or reach out to our support team and we’ll help you out!


Before you go, click on the images below to take the new themes for a test drive!


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