Stop the Scroll: 3 Key Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Stop the Scroll: 3 Key Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads on Facebook

Raise your hand if:

  • Your Facebook newsfeed seems to be clogged with memes and silly videos these days
  • You’ve noticed engagement on your Facebook business page is way down
  • You want to get more real estate leads from Facebook


Check, check, and check?

We thought so.

Facebook can be a pretty powerful lead generation machine, but only if you can outwit its ever-changing algorithm and get your content noticed by current and potential followers.

We’ve got some ideas. If you want to get more real estate leads on Facebook, do these three things.

1. Run a Facebook group and offer exclusive promotions

We’ve talked before about the difference between Facebook groups and Facebook pages. Let’s recap with Facebook’s own explanation:

While Pages were designed to be the official profiles for entities, such as celebrities, brands or businesses, Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.

Facebook groups are much more effective than pages at creating engagement. That makes them better for finding leads, too.

promotions and salesOnce you’ve got your group up and running and growing (read about how to do that here), you’ll need to focus on how to keep engagement high, and how to get more members (A.K.A. leads).

An excellent way to do that: offer exclusive promotions and deals that can only be had by joining.

These could be guides, discounts, templates, consultations, or even contests related to the focus of your group. Whatever kind of promotion you choose to offer, it needs to be something of value.

Once you launch your offer, you need to promote your group and the exclusive offers that are inside it. Ways to do so include:

  • Link to the group on your website
  • Mention it in your newsletter
  • On your Facebook page, share a link to your group with enticing copy that promotes your offer. Then create a targeted Facebook ad for that post (more on that below).


2. Create Facebook ads

Facebook’s advertising platform offers incredible capabilities for reaching new, untapped pools of leads.

Ads on Facebook don’t cost an arm and a leg, and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to create them.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can narrow in on exactly who you want to reach – down to their age, gender, profession, location and interests.

Facebook ads should be a key component of any real estate agent’s online marketing strategy. You can use them to promote your opt-ins or lead magnets, specific posts from your page that drive traffic back to your website, an event you’re hosting, or even any page on your website that you want to drive more attention to.

To maximize your potential to reach new leads on Facebook, you need to be tracking how the ad is converting, A/B testing different ads, and targeting warm audiences.

Read this post for a detailed guide on how to do all three strategies.

3. Use chatbots for Facebook Messenger

Chatbots are simple artificial intelligence systems that make it possible to offer instant, 24/7 customer service on your website through SMS or via Facebook Messenger. (Need an intro to chatbots? We’ve got you covered).

4 Important Things Realtors May Be Getting Wrong About Online MarketingThese bots are lead magnets, too. The second a visitor to your Facebook page clicks the button to begin chatting with your bot, you’ve captured their basic information (i.e., any public details from their Facebook profile). And once your bot begins asking and answering questions, you’re actually qualifying that lead, turning them into a warm one.

For instance, your Facebook Messenger chatbot could ask a visitor about whether they’re looking to buy or sell, what kind of property they want to buy or sell, and when they want to do it.


You’ve got all the info you need about that lead to target them. If the visitor engages with your chatbot for long enough, the bot could even send them your listings, open house details and ask for permission to email them.

Creating your own chatbot for Facebook Messenger is as simple as using a drag-and-drop service like ManyChat, Botsify or Chattypeople. All three tools will give you a Facebook Messenger chatbot with no coding required.

How’s your Facebook marketing strategy going these days? What’s working and what’s not?



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