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MyRealPage WordPress Plugin: The HOW-TO

myRealPage WordPress plugin: the HOW-TO

myRealPage WordPress plugin, mrpWPIdx, is designed to bring the power and flexibility of myRealPage Listings solution to REALTORS® with WordPress websites. This includes the entire Listings solution, including Reciprocity (public listing searches), Virtual Office Website (VOW) support, Predefined Searches for building niche listing pages, Listing...

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New Wizard For MyRealPage Embeddable Listings And IDX

New wizard for myRealPage Embeddable Listings and IDX

myRealPage has just published a pretty large update to its Listings product. I am especially thrilled about one of its components: the new wizard for the Embeddable Listings and IDX. You may already know that we have been offering a “portable” listings and IDX for...

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QR Codes: A Case For An Odd Case

QR codes: a case for an odd case

This post looks at some possible uses of QR codes not through the printed media but online; for example, when displayed on a web page. In case you haven’t heard, QR codes are the square looking tags like the one on the right that can be...

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